yesterday, i had plenty to savour

and today, i own a begging hand!

yesterday, i mocked at the poor

and today, i have blended with my mockery!

despair has struck me

and peace has left me!
Alas! Neither in my day dreams

nor in my nightmares,

I had such a vision of distress.

But today, i am torn,

abandoned and withered

with aspirations estranged

and desires unaccomplished!


Reminiscence about the lost hue

My withered soul

and my aged body shivered,

when i glimpsed through

the memoir of my past.
When the first strands of grey

battered on the territory of my dark hue,

i felt relieved as it cleared 

the fog from my path,

and my vision

of the capola of death, transparent.
I, then, thanked my greyness

as it was an elixer that protected

my weak body from my husband’s 

harness for warmth.
I, then, loved it

as it was capable of savinv me

from my mother-in-law’s 

tortures and abuses.
I, then, cared for it 

as it gave me an unknown guarantee

of affection and care

from my sons.
But, now, as i have

climbed up the stairs

and knocked at the temple of my dreams,

my soul wishes to strive back

and pace down the stairs of greyness

and clutch onto my prior hue of darkness.